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Are You Missing Out on The Joy of Using A Bidet

Are You Missing Out on The Joy of Using A Bidet?

Before the invention of the toilet paper, people in every country on the planet have used nature to clean up their bumbum, they used whatever item that was available at time, this would include something like leaves, handful of snow, ocean water, waterfall showers and so on. Luckily, mankind evolved since then and they don't need to go through the same hustle to be able to clean up themselves, we don't need to take a bath in the river or fill up buckets from the springs to take home, because now we have showers in our homes. Yey!! We have shower heads installed in our bathrooms, and to get the joy of that clean and refreshed feeling after taking a shower has become easier than ever. Now, I want to link all I have said about feeling clean and refreshed to using a bidet, washing with a bidet after using the toilet promotes health, feels clean and fresh, prevent infections and many more other benefits. I personally don't understand yet why some people are against bidets and washing their bums! The bidet is a very useful tool that makes a lot of sense, I personally feel everybody should use it on daily basis to keep clean, healthy and feel good. let me share some more benefits of owning at least one bidet in your home, 1-It pays for itself in a short period of time with the money saved on toilet paper. 2- It helps save trees and thousands of tons of water that's used to produce toilet paper even though you still need to dry yourself with a sheet or two of TP. Once you try it you will view it as essential, people who have used the bidet can't live without it and would recommend it without a doubt.  

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