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Hand-Held Bidet verses Seat Bidet, bidet fixture Pros And Cons

Handheld Bidet verses Seat Bidet Pros And Cons


Bidets are easy to use, hygienic, gentle on your skin, and good for the environment, so why haven't Americans adopted this form of personal cleansing?

There have been three kinds of bidets in the world.

1- The old french traditional bidet, which is a separate fixture in the bathroom. 

2- The bidet seat which you attach to your toilet, it's usually a plastic piece with buttons on top and/or remote control.

3-Finally, the hand-held bidet that is made of stainless steel, brass, or plastic. So, if you are thinking of upgrading your bathroom, you have some options to consider. I have personally tried all three, I have preferred the hand-held bidet over the bidet seat for many reasons : 

1- The water pressure in the hand-held bidet is easy to adjust with a thumb push from weak to strong while the bidet seat has one small nozzle with weak water pressure. 

2- You don't have to worry about your kids splashing water all over the bathroom floor with a hand-held bidet, the sprayer trigger turns the water on and off quickly and effortlessly. 

3- It's easy to aim for the targeted spot due to the long and flexible hose that allows free movement with the hand compared to the bidet seat that has one fixed nozzle in the back, aiming in one direction (back to front) which can cause infections.  

3- It's hard to break a good quality brass or stainless steel hand-held bidet, they last for years.

4- Toilet seat bidets spray water to reach the butt only, while the hand-held bidet is designed to reach and rinse the butt and the front area, which is a healthier solution for menstruating and pregnant women.

5- A bonus reason for females only. Health specialists recommend wiping or rinsing front to back not back to front to avoid UTI's. Seat bidets offer one nozzle that is fixed on the back of the toilet seat, which pushes the feces and bacteria to the front and causes infections, while the hand-held bidet's free movement promotes a healthy front to back cleanse.

* I recommend reaching between the legs with the sprayer instead of around the back. Practice and help your kids do it the right way. 

 Some people like the look and the technology of the seat bidet, especially the one with the built-in dryer and freshener spray. Who can blame them! We all like smart devices. 

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