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How To Install A Bidet

How To Install a Bidet 


1-Use the shutoff valve to turn off the water supply to the toilet 2-Flush the toilet until the tank is empty 3-Place a bucket under the water supply hose to collect any extra water 4-Detach the toilet’s water supply hose from the base of the toilet tank 5-Attach Crevasse's t-valve to the base of the tank. Make sure the hose connection outlet and the adjustment lever are in the desired locations and hand tightened. Do not over-tighten as plastic threads on the toilet can be damaged or broken. 6-Attach the water supply hose to the lower connection of the t-valve. 7-Attach the smaller hose end to the lower connection of the t-valve 8-Screw the sprayer head to the free end of the sprayer hose. 9-Place the holster clip on the edge of the tank 10-Turn on Crevasse's t-valve adjustment lever to your desired water pressure. Remember that this t-valve also controls the refill of your toilet tank. 11-Turn on the water supply and test the sprayer