Luxury Ceramic Handheld Bidet, Sprayer Attachment for Toilet

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Luxury White Ceramic Handheld Bidet

Crevasse sprayer bidet will convert any toilet into a hygienic and stylish oasis. It is manufactured using high-quality chrome-plated brass and stainless steel materials. Unlike electric bidets, users can turn the water on or off and control the water pressure with a simple thumb push. The free movement of the sprayer with the hand allows full flexibility and reach in any direction desired.

The water is only turned on when the trigger is pushed down which allows full control of the water speed, direction, and pressure. 

The stainless steel double-layered hose is durable to last for many years retaining a fresh brand new look.

Crevasse Bidet Box Contains The Following:

Chrome-Plated Brass Sprayer Head

Stainless Steel Hose

Chrome-Plated Brass T-valve: 7/8 inch ( standard size)

Bidet Holder: A clip on the toilet tank

Hardware Kit: Rubber washers and wall mount screws. 

3 years warranty certificate  and installation manual